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Welcome to's web site. We are the only one-stop supplier for both home inspector tools and industrial NDT equipment.

Aiptools (Alternative Inspection Products) was founded in 1998 by Ben Khaw.

Ben brought with him 15 years experience from the military in the maintenance, repairs and inspection of Lockheed C-130 aircraft and in particular turboprop engines.

Thereafter he was trained in the various disciplines and techniques of non-destructive testing (NDE/NDT) and then managed a territory in the sales of such equipment.

logoAiPtools began in 1998 supplying specialty NDT/NDE tools and equipment to the aerospace, pulp & paper, and general industries. We specialize in providing a low cost and high resolution fiberscope/videoscope/borescope to operators of small turbine engines like the Pratt & Whitney PT-6, Turbo-Meca and Allison. Amongst other quality inspection products that we carry are Spectronics ultraviolet (black light) lamps and meters, various well-known Ultrasonic instruments and transducers, Defelsko coating thickness gauges, TIME hardness and surface roughness testers, Ardrox and Magnaflux LPI and MPI supplies, etc.

Another major sector of is in the supply of specialty home and building envelope inspection tools. We started carrying 3 well-known lines of moisture meters as soon as the "Leaky Condo" crisis on the west coast of Canada was the focus back in the late 90s. We now supply Protimeter, Delmhorst and Tramex to home inspectors and building envelope consultants across North America and as far away as Asia. 

We pride ourselves in our customer care and after sales, especially with fast shipping of orders and repair turn around. We even try to provide our N. American customers with free loaner moisture meter should theirs requires any warranty repairs, subject to availability.

Aiptools also carry a wide range of home inspector tools like Streamlight/Maglite flashlights, gas leak and carbon monoxide detectors, infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras, flexible borescopes, Little Giant Ladders, humidity meters, electrical tester, water pressure gauges, etc.

Feel free to email us at anytime should you have any questions, or if the item you are looking for is not found on our website. We'll be happy to provide you with a response within 24 hours.

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Alternative Inspection Products   A division of BAACK Enterprises Inc.
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